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The Moringa Farms Mission

You won’t find another business in the United States with more comprehensive knowledge on the use, sale, and growth of our primary focus — the Moringa Oleifera Tree.

Wholesalers, retailers, resellers — and you, as a consumer — may purchase many of these products from Moringa Farms. Along with these products includes other super food to complement products phenomenal tree; including, Leaf Powder, Pod Powder, Seed Powder, Germinable Seeds, Cold Pressed Oil, Chia and Live Plants—click on the “products” tab for a complete list.

Sharing from our own experience and offering a plethora of resources you too can learn how to grow your own Moringa tree, and the remarkable resources that can change peoples lives the Moringa tree has to offer. Many missionaries, non-government agencies, doctors, social workers, research scientists, and anyone with a health consciousness are realizing how the Moringa Tree has the potential to alleviate suffering world wide.

Moringa Farms wants to take advantage of this opportunity to teach others about this tree’s rapid growth and nutritional values that helps improve lives, which is why we have partnered with many groups and individuals with the goal of making people more aware of all the benefits the Moringa Tree has to offer.