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Compost Tea is a superior product that enriches the soil to maximize the growth potential of anything you grow in it.  Its principal components are special bacteria, food for the bacteria and sea minerals. As these photos show from first day of planting to 60 and 90 days of growth. the moringa planting was a great success. Rapid growth, strong rooting and rich color is what you can expect using this product.  This Compost Tea in a Box makes 20 gallons of tea.  You make this in small 5 gallon  batches. Dilution recommendation is 1 cup to a gallon of water when using a hose applicator.

Same field Oct 3 2014 - We have fresh Maringa now notice how quickly that field has gone from nothing to abundance in just two months that's Moringa

Our field Oct 3 2014 – Fresh Moringa yielding abundance in just two months. This is Moringa under the proper conditions, healthy soil, heat, sunshine and a little water.

Planting July 31 2014

Planting July 31 2014. We put 4-5 seeds in each hole and spaced about a foot apart.  We pretreated the soil with the compost tea several times before planting.

2014 Oct 29

This is the field about a month later prior to harvesting. We cut the “bouquets” down to about 12 inches, then covered with a cover called a “Planket” which protects from freezing and encourage root development during the cooler times. We will be removing it end of March. All in all we got about 7 ft of growth in just 3-4 months.


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