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Different stages of Moringa as a sapling as a tree and growing in a pot
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Moringa – Nature’s medicine!

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Moringa Information

More Than Just a Trend

The search for the next new, heretofore unknown or obscure health trend has produced a long line of inferior or ineffective products and concepts that seem convincing and appeal to our desire to improve ourselves and those around us. Still, it is a noble, necessary exploration for humanity and, as such, we pour significant time, effort, and financial resources into it, hoping we will uncover the key to our continued good health; a new way of upgrading our lifestyle, making us stronger, happier, and more resilient. The problem is, a health “trend” is usually just a health “craze”, popular today and disproven by tomorrow. But what if there was something that had been used and proven for generations, and it was something natural and pure? What if it was more than just a trend? To that end, we present to you the moringa tree, moringa oleifera, and moringa powder.


Introducing the “Miracle” Tree

You may have heard of the Moringa tree, moringa powder, and moringa oleifera, or you may be one of millions of consumers who are just now finding out about it. Throughout the world, and throughout time, people have relied on this wonderful plant and the countless benefits of using and consuming it, whether it is in the form of moringa powder or another form. It is frequently referred to as the "miracle tree" due to a myriad of beneficial effects it has on the body and its nutritional, medicinal, and purifying properties. The product of the tree is a “superfood,” moringa oleifera, which can be available in the form of moringa powder. It may be little-known in parts of the western world, but its incredible health and wellness potential makes it treasured in other regions. Moringa oleifera and moringa powder are no longer their secret, and, truly, moringa health benefits for women and moringa benefits for men are worthy of your attention.


It’s Not New, but It’s New to You

Moringa oleifera and moringa powder just might be the missing element of your dietary and nutritional plan. No longer do we accept that the food and supplements we have readily had access to for generations, provide us with the ultimate in health benefits. The discovery of a new, healthy, nutritious, delicious, affordable, option to boost the health of a person and their family is a desired and welcome occasion for any consumer, but those who are knowledgeable about such matters know it’s not about finding something “new”, it’s about finding something that works. As a result, we often look to other parts of the world, and even other periods of time, to see what works for those people, and then we ask ourselves, “Will it work for me?”


From the Himalayas to California to Your Home

So, what is moringa oleifera and what is moringa good for? Moringa oleifera is a product of the moringa tree, and this “miracle” of the plant world is aptly titled, as nearly every part of it has value beyond the expectations of the typical consumer. The leaves, flowers, pods, and seeds from the moringa tree are all edible and nutritious, and they provide consumers with a myriad of beneficial effects. The moringa tree is typically grown in tropical and subtropical areas, but it is no longer their secret anymore. The moringa tree is native to the southern foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in northern India, but it has become widely cultivated throughout Africa, parts of Asia, and Central and South America. People in those areas recognized long ago that the moringa tree is full of valuable uses, and it is ideal for them because it grows quickly and easily in those climates, At Moringa Farms we have brought this plant, the drought resistant and environmentally advantageous Moringa tree to our Southern California farms and made it available directly to you, the health-conscious, informed consumer. And people are talking! Moringa oleifera is quickly becoming a popular option for those hoping to fight malnutrition, prevent infection, treat inflammation, and promote healthy blood flow.


A “Miracle” of Nutritional Value

People throughout the world have been enjoying the health benefits of moringa powder and the other products of the moringa tree for generations, but in much of the western world, we are just now starting to utilize it. The revelation that such a plant exists, but had yet to be embraced in any significant way, has become a health and lifestyle game-changer for many conscious consumers. The nutritional benefits of moringa oleifera are numerous, as it is high in vitamins A and C and is an excellent source of B vitamins, magnesium, protein, iron, and other essential nutrients. It is a compound that is rich in antioxidants and, in addition to high levels of vitamin C and beta carotene, moringa oleifera also contains quercetin, which may lower blood pressure, and chlorogenic acid which can help moderate blood sugar levels after meals. In fact the Moringa tree has been used extensively throughout the world and throughout history to fight malnutrition, particularly in infants and nursing mothers. Many point to the moringa tree as a crucial element in the war against hunger and famine, as the addition of it to most diets will result in increased nutrition and improved health.


You Can Count on Countless Benefits

Despite already having a seemingly endless list of benefits, more and more value is being assigned to this miracle tree as we learn more about it. Nearly every part of the plant and the products created from them are currently subjected to frequent, intensive research and study, and that research has shown that it can reduce inflammation and possibly lower cholesterol. Additionally, it is believed to also have anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, anti-hypertensive, anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-aging, and even anti-tumor activities properties. Other studies on Moringa powder have found it contains far more vitamin C than oranges and more vitamin A than carrots, and, when compared to foods such as eggs, spinach, peanuts, and bananas, the amount of magnesium, iron, vitamin B3, and vitamin B2 found in the Moringa products are staggering.


A Delicious, Exotic Flavor is Brought to your Table

With all of this talk of health benefits and environmental benefits, it is easy to forget just how delicious the products of the moringa tree can be. As a spice or seasoning to be used when cooking, it gives any recipe an exotic, unique flavor. The leaves themselves can be fried and eaten as a healthy alternative to potato chips and crackers. It’s not just a snack food, though, as a number of cultures in many regions of the world, including Thailand, India, Jamaica, and the Philippines, utilize the Moringa tree and moringa powder as a major element of their regional cuisine.