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Moringa Sweet Potato Brownies

  Print Moringa Sweet Potato Brownies These brownies are a healthier alternative to regular brownies. Their base is a sweet potato and oat flour and contains only natural ingredients. Enjoy! Prep Time 10 minutesCook Time 25 minutesTotal Time 35 minutes Servings 16 pieces [...]

M.A.P Smoothie

  Print M.A.P Smoothie (moringa, avocado, pineapple) A tasty smoothie to give you a morning boost! Keyword avocado, moringa, smoothie Prep Time 5 minutesTotal Time 5 minutes Servings 1 smoothie EquipmentBlender Ingredients2 tsp Moringa leaf powder1 cup Pineapple½ Ripe [...]

Moringa Bark

  Print Moringa Bark This is a semi-healthy delicious snack to be enjoyed year round! It takes 10 minutes to make and is a real crowd pleaser! Total Time 10 minutes Equipmentbaking sheet or pan Ingredients6 oz 70% coco chocolate bar or semi-sweet chocolate chips1 ½ tbsp [...]

  Print Moringa Breakfast Bowl This is a spin off of an Acai bowl! Prep Time 10 minutesGranola Rest time 10 minutesTotal Time 1 hour 20 minutes Servings 1 Serving EquipmentBlenderSkillet IngredientsVanilla and Honey Granola1 ½ cup Oats⅓ cup Chopped Almonds2 tbsp Flax [...]

Moringa Nice Cream

Print Moringa Nice Cream This is a great alternative to ice cream! Moringa Nice Cream has the sweetness, the texture, and none of the guilt! Course Dessert Prep Time 10 minutesResting Time 2 hours Servings 2 Servings Calories 120kcal EquipmentBlender or Food Processor [...]

  Print Moringa Oat Pancakes (no added sugar) Here is a healthy and easy pancake recipe for when you are craving something sweet! I made these because I quit eating sugar and bread and really wanted something with that texture. Ever since I threw these together, I have [...]

Moringa Oat Protein Snacks

  Print Moringa Oat Protein Snacks These easy to make snacks are delicious and a great source of protein. Course Snack Prep Time 5 minutes Servings 8 Snack balls Calories 63kcal Ingredients1/2 cup Oats1/2 tbsp Moringa leaf powder1 tbsp Chia seeds2 tbsp Almond butter1 1/2 [...]

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