Moringa in Africa

Moringa: Helping Africa’s Masai

We would like to introduce you to Sister Rose Mmbaga, who works with Masai women and children in Tanazania.

Sister Rose is a schoolteacher in Nyerere who helps Masai villagers improve health and gain access to water. She works seven days a week, making regular visits to half a dozen villages.

The Masai are a beautiful people with strong traditions. Unfortunately, vegetable gardens are not part of their culture! Nutritional deficiencies are the result.

Sister Rose teaches 5 villages how to plant grow nutritious moringa plants!

Every day we work and bless our moringa plants. They feed us and give us medicine. – Sister Rose

Among the Masai, a girl as young as six may be forced to marry an old man. Female circumcision is common. Masai girls traditionally don’t go to school…but education can help them become stronger tribe members, benefiting the whole community.

Moringa Farms is happy to partner with Sister Rose and the villages of Emuguri, Endeves, Kingondi, Kisekibaha, and Hedaru.

Nutrition, water, classrooms: the needs are so simple and so profound. You can help!

Please donate today to bring clean water and build classrooms to Masai villages. All proceeds go directly to Sister Rose’s foundation.

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