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my name is Kimberly Pearson and I spoke with you today about Moringa and how much it has helped me and changed my life.

I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-diagnosed with the Epstein Virus for over 30 years now. I have not been able to get through a year without getting Pneumonia at least once a year and Bronchitis 2-3 times a year requiring Antibiotics and missed days of work. Working out was a real chore as if I got myself on a regimen that would help my Chronic Fatigue symptoms. I usually got strep throat or a bad cold so could not continue to work out.

For the last year I have been eating Moringa and have not had a single cold, have not been to the Dr for any cold or flu or symptoms of Respiratory disease. I have stopped taking all my sinus medicine and my inhaler for adult onset of asthma. I have been working out continuously and have lost 40 lbs. Everyone thinks that I look younger and I feel so good it is very hard to explain it. It is like feeling good from the inside out. I moved to Florida 7 years ago and have experienced breathing problems with the humidity and high mold content in the environment but have been able to breath through my nose for at least 6 months now without my allergy medicine that I took every day.

My skin in so soft, I don’t have rough and dry feet anymore and any sore I get heals very fast. I burned my arm on the BBQ 10 days ago and it is almost healed. If I hurt myself or pull a muscle or start to feel like I am getting a cold, I double up on my Moringa dose of 2 tbs of powder a day and the symptoms disappear.

This is an amazing Miracle food. I would recommend it to everyone I know. I currently grow my own trees and give it away to as many people as I can. I have given away 15 trees and many seeds to people here in Florida. I took over 1000 seeds to Myanmar last March for them to grow it as a micro business and use it as a food source as they are poor and have been surviving on one bowl of rice a day and some vegetables. I know this tree will change their lives.

The cyclone Nargis wiped out all the new seedlings that they had planted so I will be bringing more seeds with me this March to try to start the process over again. I will order Moringa powder, seeds and oil from you when it gets close to my trip to take over with me.

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