Rose M

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Dear Rodney,

I have been giving the powdered Moringa to my 14 year old Miniature Schnauzer Muffin. She was in reasonable good health, but slowing down quite a bit. After being on the Moringa powder (½ teaspoon a day) she started bouncing aroun, banking more (I could have lived without that) and wanting to go outside more often for walks. Instead of just lying around on her bed, she began to follow me around the house like she did as a young dog

I am so happy with her improvement!

I have been using on myself, but not on a regular basis. After seeing Muffin, I decided to be more diligent. I have more energy, but not the “climbing the wall type” and I can sleep at night, not pepped up too much. I live on a horse farm and I am 68, so it is great to feel good and be active.

Thank you for a great product,

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