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Greetings to All!

We are excited to write with incredible news of how God is working with regards to the agriculture project in Jamaica.

Since our first meetings with prospective farmers, establishment of a local organization and meeting with a member of the Jamaican Parliament last year, the Lord has opened doors and poured out his blessings. Mr. Ernest Smith, Member of Parliament for SW St. Ann has worked diligently on our behalf. He is caring for the legal work of registering the organization and business and has secured a long term lease on a parcel of reclaimed strip mine land that will be available for our project!!

Under the direction of Pastor Smith from the Calvary Apostolic Church in St. Ann, the board and members have planted over 2000 Moringa trees in nursery bags that are now ready to transplant on the new land! Additionally, I am awaiting the final approvals to take over 7000 Moringa seeds to Jamaica with us next week. A team from Warren, PA arrives a week from Friday to work on the room that will be used as a drying area and also hold a VBS program and hopefully assist with clearing land and planting!

There are still many details to be worked out and much to be done to make this project successful. Thanks to an article in the Jamaica Star newspaper, the interest and demand for Moringa has grown. Word has gotten around about the nutritional and health benefits of “The Miracle Tree” and people have basically over reacted. To read the article, click on this link. The Moringa being transplanted should be ready to harvest by fall and we hope to be able to sell the fresh leaves as well as begin drying a packaging the dried leaves to use for tea.

We must express our thanks to our board of directors for their continued support of this project, the board of St. Ann Agricultural Producers, the local organization, Mr. Ernest Smith, MP for St. Ann SW, Dr. San San Win, Chief Medical Officer for St. Mary, Mr. Rodney Perdew of Moringa Farms in California, Trees for Life for literature, John and Jen Shell, our Moringa consultants and instructors and everyone else who has been involved. Thanks to each of you for your continued prayers.

As this project moves forward, there will be many opportunities for you to be involved. First, we covet your prayers and encouragement Second, we will keep you informed of the need for teams to help with setting up the operation of this significant project. We will need people skilled in construction, agriculture, computers, small business operation, financial operation and just some good ole workers!! Third, we will need to seek financial support to help get the project moving forward. The land has to be fenced to keep animals and predators out and to protect our investment. Water storage tanks must be set up to allow for irrigation during the dry times. A building will need to be built for drying and processing. No gift is too small! Anything you could give would be appreciated.

We would love to come to your church, mission conference, youth group, Sunday School, Kiwanis, Lions Club, etc. Please send me an email.

There is a video on You Tube with general information on the project and we hope to post more photos and videos when we return in August. To view the current video, go to this link.

Please pray for Shauna and as we travel next Tuesday and meet with MP Smith on Wednesday. Also, pray for the team of 16 from Grace UMC in Warren, PA as they come in on July 22. We love you and appreciate your partnership in ministry.

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