Wayne Kuhn

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Hi Rod,

I really enjoyed talking with you this morning and greatly appreciate your donation of Moringa Seeds for Father Bernie’s humanitarian work in Gustemala. Thank you especially for sending us the seeds from your healthiest fast growing stock. I’m sure that Father Bernie greatly appreciates your thoughtful gift of seeds.

You mentioned two things this morning that really peaked my interest. One was the use of moringa seeds and then sunlight to purify water – a big problem in Guatemala. The other was your possible interest in working with someone like Father Bernie to set up a commercial Moringa Plantation in Guatemala to supply seeds for your distribution and your willingness to provide seeds to get the operation started. As I mentioned Father Bernie is a very forward thinking person who lives to help less fortunite people, and might be very interested in exploring this idea with you. As a result I have cc.ed Bernie a copy of this email.

Thank you again Rod. I will be taking your seeds to Guatemala in January when I go down for about 10 days.

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