From an AIDS worker in Thailand Regarding a woman with AIDS.


When she came to see Dr Piem Choke Chalidapongse of Ramathibody Hospital, it’s already beyond hope. Doctor already denied treatment because her viral are extremely high and her CD4 are extremely low to the dangerous point. Doctor told her he have no way of helping her, in the meantime, she learn from her friend that by consuming 12 seeds of Moringa daily will helps her gain immune system back. This is her last straw so she began to start taking Moringa daily. She still request Dr Piemchoke tp monitor her health and he was kind enough to help her.

After one month he began to see the difference, Her Biral began to going down and her CD4 began to increase. She got her color back, her weight began to increase. After 3 months her Viral are below 50 and her CD4 increase to 500 which mean she cure from AIDS. She became healthy and went back to normal life and back to work. The thing she have question is weather she should continue to take moringa seeds, to maintain her immune system she should switch to moringa powder, I believed moringa powder should gave her enough for what she needs.

If you think any doctor from John Hopkins want to talk to doctor Piemchoke director on how he helping her and what kind of treatment he gave her along with the Moringa seeds here is his direct line in Thailand 011-668-1644-1062. This is his cellular phone most of the time he will answer the call but there are time that his answering service picking up; the best time to call him is 8:15 AM Thailand which is equal to 5:15 Pacific time. Right now he conduct 5-10 more AIDS test and also start to try to treat cancer patient with moringa seeds. So far he said everything went  very well as he expect. You can relate this message to Dr Fuglie and also John Hopkins hospital in case they are interested.


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