Claudia B


Hi Rod,

Thanks for sending the moringa, it is the one thing that helps me retain my balance. Since I have been taking it, I do not need my cane. Best Regards AliceMoringa was my two year Peace Corps health project in Guinea, West Africa. I grew moringa and built solar dryers to dry the leaves. When I first arrived in Falessade, Guines, few in the village (except the medicine men) were aware of the nutritional aspects of this wee(mostly used for fencing) that grew in their village.

I used moringa personally to fight off allergies to the mold that grew everywhere during the four month rainy season. I did not suffer from mold allergies as I had while living in the USA. I attribute the lack of allergies to my daily intake of moringa leaves. I would cook moringa like spinach and use it in omelets or add it to a local peanut sauce served over rice.

I am very pleased to find a source for Moringa powder here in the USA. I will be ordering seeds soon to plant her in Austin, Texas.

Thanks again Wayne Kleck

I’ve been taking it for a month and I feel very good. My immune system is back in business, my arthritis rheumatoid hasn’t bothered me at all, my energy is back, I’m very happy. Thank you so much!!!

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