Hey Rod:

It has been about 2 months since I ordered Moringa powder and the oil. If you remember, you gave me the seeds and the seed powder (vegibiotic you call it) free!! Thank you.!!! Plus, I wanted to tell you about my experience.

I read a little of the research from PubMed that you referenced on your website, which encouraged me to try Moringa. Well, I am a full convert. I use Moringa powder in my cereal, I sprinkle it on my food just as you would table salt, and in my smoothies. I add boiling water to the vegibiotic 9 seed powder)  which I take first thing every morning. I use Moringa powder to make tea which I sweeten with stevia. It is surely an acquired taste. I use the oil on my skin, on my face unfailingly every day. I use the chaff from the tea as a poultice which I apply to my face, soak my feet in, and apply to any area of my skin that has any outbreak.

Of primary concern to me was this fungus I had growing on each of my inner toes (thus  why I soak of my feet).. II have had this condition for 15 years. I have not been able to get any relief from all that I have tried, and I have great insurance. Initially, I thought it was athelete’s foot. If they were not so painful, they would probably not be so bad. Unfortunately, they were so painful that they changed my gait This meant that my shoes wore unevenly and I had to buy new shoes too frequently. 

Well, the “athelete’s foot” on my right toe is GONE, and the one on my left toe no longer hurts and is healing. 

My normally beautiful skin has gotten so clear and more toned.  I just began using the oil on my hair since I am completely sold on Moringa. I will let you know my experience in time. In general I feel fabulous.

Thank you so much for all your assistance when I called to place my order. I think I will plant the seeds when the weather isn’t harsh next spring for fresh Moringa leaves. I will let you know my experience. I’ll be calling you to renew my order. So, make sure you have products for me. I will be ordering your largest bottle of the oil.

All the best, my new friend,


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