Moringa Sweet Potato Brownies

  Moringa Sweet Potato Brownies These brownies are a healthier alternative to regular brownies. Their base is a sweet potato and oat flour and contains only natural ingredients. Enjoy! 2 tsp Moringa Powder 1 cup Cooked Sweet Potato (1 medium sweet potato) ½ cup Oat Flour ½ [...]

M.A.P Smoothie

  M.A.P Smoothie (moringa, avocado, pineapple) A tasty smoothie to give you a morning boost! 2 tsp Moringa leaf powder 1 cup Pineapple ½ Ripe Avocado ½ Cucumber Hand Full Mixed greens lettuce 1 cup liquid of choice ((i used almond milk)) Place all ingredients in blender [...]

Moringa Bark

  Moringa Bark This is a semi-healthy delicious snack to be enjoyed year round! It takes 10 minutes to make and is a real crowd pleaser! 6 oz 70% coco chocolate bar or semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 ½ tbsp Moringa Leaf Powder ¾ cup Cashews and Walnuts chopped (or preferred [...]

  Moringa Breakfast Bowl This is a spin off of an Acai bowl! Vanilla and Honey Granola 1 ½ cup Oats ⅓ cup Chopped Almonds 2 tbsp Flax Seeds 2 tbsp Chia Seeds 2 tbsp Oil of your choice 2-3 tbsp Honey 1 tbsp Vanilla The Bowl 1 cup Frozen mixed berries 1 Banana 1 […]

Moringa Nice Cream

Moringa Nice Cream This is a great alternative to ice cream! Moringa Nice Cream has the sweetness, the texture, and none of the guilt! 2 sliced Bananas ¼ Cup Almond Milk (Can substitute with oat or any other milk) 1 tbsp Moringa Leaf Powder (Can add more to taste ) Slice [...]

  Moringa Oat Pancakes (no added sugar) Here is a healthy and easy pancake recipe for when you are craving something sweet! I made these because I quit eating sugar and bread and really wanted something with that texture. Ever since I threw these together, I have made them [...]

Moringa Oat Protein Snacks

  Moringa Oat Protein Snacks These easy to make snacks are delicious and a great source of protein. 1/2 cup Oats 1/2 tbsp Moringa leaf powder 1 tbsp Chia seeds 2 tbsp Almond butter 1 1/2 tbsp Honey Mix all ingredients in bowl Roll 1 tbsp of mixture in the palm of your hand [...]

Fresh Moringa

Here are some images of our fields, only 3 months old! These pics were taken in October 2014.  We will be selling fresh leave from our garden in Van Nuys later in May 2015. Come by the garden to pick up or we can mail it to you. Experience the fresh juiced leaves with your […]

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